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JTX AirTracker transforms the air molecules into extremely smaller molecular structures. Therefore, the refined fuel can be burned more completely and optimally.

It allows the engine to give its best performance with smoother piston movements which results in fuel savings for an equal performance.

Besides, it also helps prolong the lifespan of the engine parts.



Headaches when the oil content of the water content range of car days?. The price of oil is getting more expensive, do not pay the higher . Day-to-day traffic jammed and car engine heating so quickly … ?

Did you also face the same problem?

* Increased fuel costs
* Car eats oil
* Quick engine warm
* The engine is always less wheezing POWER

Did you know that your problems can be solved with technology from … GREAT

————> “JTX Airtracker” <————

What JTX Airtracker?
* Briefly Airtracker JTX is a device that can help to optimize the combustion in the engine.

* Tracker water molecules act to change the air in the engine to finer molecules. When the air is beautiful and quality (molecular fine) is supplied to the engine, the combustion will be more perfect.

What is the effect when I use JTX Airtracker car?
*Impact most rapidly is ‘water vapor’ in car exhaust after installation JTX Airtracker. This shows that the combustion in the engine has been optimized.

* When complete combustion, the piston motion also becomes smoother, the effect of fuel consumption (oil) will be more SAVE. There is no disruption to the smooth running of the engine, the engine does not have to work hard to operate. Fuel consumption can be reduced.

JTX Airtracker:
* Improve engine performance
* Reduce the deposition of carbon in the engine
* save oil
* Quieter engine (combustion’s Life)
* Anti heat engine
* Prolong engine life
* With the release of carbon monoxide from the exhaust

Interested in getting JTX Water Tracker?

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